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OSS Bali has been establishing in Indonesia since 2003 and has a fully operational and functioning joinery division in Bali producing high quality timber doors, windows, flooring wall / ceiling cladding and decorative timber panels. Our Production team consists of Indonesian tradesmen and carpenters all of whom have been upskilled by Austrian and German master carpenters. This has enabled our workforce to not only produce high quality locally themed timberwork but also precision-made joinery.

We have decided to expand our business to include a furniture manufacturing division to more fully utilize the skill sets of our workforce. Production will take place in our current production facility which is now approximately 4,500 m2. As a result of combining thew workplaces, both divisions will be able to collaborate and more efficiently and use the existing equipment, workspace and storage facilities that are available.


We are now recruiting for a fully skilled, qualified and professionally trained carpenter to assist in the work skills development of our existing and new employees.

Requirements :
  • Fully qualified and trained carpenter or master carpenter with a minimum 5 years’ experience
  • Be strongly motivated and have a proven capacity to train and develop new staff
  • Willingness to work calmly and in a focused manner with new staff and trainees
  • Have patience and the composure to cope with the cultural and intellectual differences and mind sets between Asians and Europeans.
  • Have a strong interest in other cultures and work places outside western countries.
  • The ability to speak English would be helpful but certainly not essential.
  • The ability to speak Indonesian would be considered favourably.

The position is located in Bali Indonesia and duration of employment is for a minimum period of 6 months with possible extensions of a further 6 to 12 months. Commencement is required by December 2020/January 2021.

The Scope of works under the Employment Contract is as follows: 

The following is to be considered a guide to the minimum scope of training and work skills development
  • Training of Indonesian and more specifically Balinese workers to become skilled timber workers and furniture makers.
  • Creation of cutting plans and the creation of timber and material lists
  • Instruction on the use and maintenance of circular saws, edge banding machines, table milling machines, veneer presses (for setting and laminating of veneers), wide belt sanding machines, chop saws, planer benches.
  • The development of skill sets in various types of timber surface treatment such as gluing edges, cleaning edges, edge lamination, and timber jointing.
  • Develop and encourage the existing skill sets of the existing and new employees to achieve the best outcomes and improve their work out put potential. Fully develop the employees existing skill sets to realise and achieve their maximum potential.
  • Encourage and motive the existing and new workers to achieve the standards that are expected in Europe.

To achieve these targets you will work with a local foreman who can translate and act as an interpreter and at the same time also learn from you. The local foreman will be not only your assistant but also your guide regarding local practices and etiquette.

The existing workforce are predominantly long term employees with whom we have developed excellent working and living relationships. It is part of the works scope to assess, evaluate and make recommendations on the skill sets and working capabilities of the existing workforce and their continuation in the cabinetry factory, redeployment to other areas of work or cancelation of their employment. This will be done with the assistance of the local managerial staff. All new workers are contracted initially for a probationary period and any assessments made will of course dictate whether their probationary period is extended or terminated.

The desired outcome of this appointment is to develop and encourage existing and new workers to achieve their potential by teaching new methods of working, improving existing methods of work and developing a systematic approach to the use and maintenance of the equipment of which they are and have been trained to use.

Accommodation Arrangements in Bali

OSS will arrange for a rental apartment or bungalow for the successful candidate subject to the arrangements below. The location of the accommodation is within 20 - 40 minutes from the factory. The choice of accommodation is subject to the successful candidate’s requirements. A car or motor cycle will also be provided. The cost of both the accommodation and transport is included in the renumeration package.

Work permit: 

All necessary permits and VISA’s will be arranged for by OSS and these costs are included in the overall renumeration package.


The salary package is to be discussed with the successful candidate and it is important to note as follows

  • The base salary and allowances is subject to local taxes which are low compared to Germany/Austria
  • The cost of accommodation, local transport (motor cycle or car) and other living expenses is included in the renumeration package. These costs are extremely low compared to European costs.
  • all CoVID -19 tests and certificates as required to leave Germany / Austria are to be paid for by the successful candidate as is the costs of all transport and airfares to and from Bali.

General Information about living in Bali:

  • Accommodation for a single person is around 200 – 500 Euros per month depending upon the standard and facilities required and of course the location.
  • Food costs per meal are around 1.50 euro for local meals. There are however excellent restaurants serving western meals for around 4 euro.
  • There is a range of western and German grocery shops, butcher shops and bakeries as well extremely high standard fish vegetable and fruit supplies all of the highest standard and very economical.
  • The temperature ranges year-round from 24 at night to 28 - 32 degrees centigrade during the day.
  • As Bali is a tourist destination and is rated in the top 10 in the world the leisure time activities are diverse ranging from beaches, surfing, paragliding, boating, snorkelling and high standard restaurants and nightlife as well as having a diverse cultural background.
  • There is many inter island tours with volcano tours, wildlife parks and diverse cultural experiences.
  • Transportation and petrol costs are low to hire a car for a month is 200 -300 euro and a scooter is 55 - 65 euro Petrol is 0.45 euro per litre.
  • The population is predominantly Hindu Balinese who are extremely tolerant, friendly and most speak English. There are no issues regarding tourists or foreigners working in Bali and it is rare indeed to hear of any conflicts between the Balinese and foreigners


Company addresse: 
OSS Bali
Jl. Losan – Umasalakan – Banjar Dinas Umasalakan
Desa Takmung, Kecamatan Banjarangkan, Kabupaten Klungkung 
80752 Bali – Indonesia 

Please ONLY contact by email to both addresses:

Mr. Robert Kapp (Head of Furniture Makers)
Mr. Bernhard Thomson (Head of Joinery)


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